This blog has one purpose. It is to provide my Grandchildren a place of inspiration, a place that reminds them of their Indian ancestry. Recipes herein are a passage to India, and I trust, will journey the reader to the glorious flavors and aromas of the Andhra kitchens.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Kandi pachadi with vankaya pachipulusu

The typical lunch in an andhra family usually includes rice, curd,
> one dry vegetable (koora) or chutni (pacchadi) with liquid - pappu
> (using dal) or pulusu (using vegetables and tamarind). First the hot
> rice is had with pacchadi/koora, then rice with pappu/pulusu, and then
> rice is mixed with curd and had as last item.*
> **
> *The following is a favorite combination from coastal andhra,
**Kandi pachadi with pachipulusu. Kandipachadi is mixed with rice and morsels
> are dipped in pacchipulusu.*
> Kandipappu (Toor daal) - 1cup
> Dry red chillies - 6-9 depending on taste.
> Jeera - 1 teaspoon.
> Salt - as required
> Oil - 2 tablespoon.
> Hing - pinch.
> Take a pan and put that on the stove.
> Pour one cup of kandipappu (toordal in hindi) in the pan and fry until
> it is nearly bright red. Remove and keep aside.
> In the pan, pour a teaspoon of oil (preferably groundnut oil), put
> some red chillies (the ones that give hot taste, not color, preferably
> guntur merapakaya) and some jeelakarra (jeera). Fry till red, put
> some inguvva (hing) in it. Grind this together with the fried
> kandipappu to a fine paste, pouring water when required. Make sure it
> does not get watery. It should be of solid consistency. Then add
> salt as required for taste.
> Put the pan on stove again, heat a tablespoon of oil, put some
> minapappu (urad dal) and the remaining jeelakarra. Fry till dal is
> red, and add this seasoning to the ground pacchadi (mixture). Garnish
> with karvepaku.
> One of optional garnishing is fried garlic (should be red) which can
> be added at the end.
> This is best had by mixing with hot rice and adding groundnut
> oil/nuvvula nooni (sessame oil?) and bites of ooramerapakaya fried in
> oil. Ooramerapakaya is chillis marinated in sour salted curd and sun
> dried, and is prepared to last about a year.
> The best combination with this kandipacchadi is Vankaya Pachi pulusu.
Vankaya Pachi pulusu
> Ingredients
> A big Vankayya (approximately 1/2 kg in weight) (the brinjal (egg
> plant) suitable for this is a oval shaped, white in color, called
> mettavankaya)
> Green chillis 4 sliced thin
> Coriander cut finely
> Tamarind - about 25 gm, soaked in water and thick paste made from it.
> Jaggery 20 gm or sugar 2 tablespoon
> Salt as required.
> Seasoning - Oil 1 teaspoon, mustard seeds, methi (fenugreek seeds?),
> red chillis, hing.
> Roast the whole vankaya (egg plant) directly on the stove on slow
> flame without cutting or peeling. It should be roasted until all
> sides are completely roasted (the skin turns black and might get cut
> in places). Allow it to cool and then peel off the skin. Mash the
> pulp and add raw tamarind juice, jaggery, green chillies, and salt to
> taste.
> Mix all these well. Add water to make it into semi solid
> consistency. Garnish with corriander.
> For seasoning, heat the oil, add mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, red
> chillis, fry till mustard seed pop and fenugreek seeds turn brown, add
> hing and put off the flame. Coarsly powder the red chillis with hand
> itself and add the seasoning to the pachi pulusu. Should be had with
> hot rice.
> Optional garnishing: Cut onions finely. These can be added to the
> pulusu either raw or after frying it red with some oil.


At 6:37 PM, Blogger Mark SubbaRao said...

Hi Sudha,
Thanks for a great post! One question, what is karvepaku? We should probably also say that the english name for jeera is cumin. I hope to try this out soon. White eggplant is hard to find here, but I might be able to get one this weekend at the farmers market.

At 9:58 PM, Blogger U.V. Subba Rao said...

Mark, karvepaku is known as curry leaf. dad

At 10:34 PM, Blogger Mark SubbaRao said...

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At 10:36 PM, Blogger Mark SubbaRao said...

Hi Sudha,
Dad is visiting now. I was able to pick up some white eggplants at the farmers market and we finally made the recipie. The vankaya pachipulusu came out fantastic! I think we messed up the kandi pachadi a bit with some substitution, but it OK.

At 1:06 PM, Blogger sweet16 said...

hi.. i just read your blog. i am an andhra-ite.. and arrived in US a few months back. just adapting to Americanized ways but reading your blog made me want to pack my bags and run to my Mom. i am learing to cook, just learned to fry potatoes and learing to cook from the recipes online.
your blog not only taught me the recipes but also reminded me of my home. believe it or not.. the very description of making these has made my mouth water..
can you also please post recipes to make powders that go with rice as well as for rasam

At 12:25 AM, Blogger dude said...

Thank you so much. These two are my favourite items...My grand mother used to make.

Her verison of kandi pahcadi varies slightly....she will add tamarind (slightly) and onions....yummy.....

One request....can you please post recipe of pachi pulusu made with sesame(nuvvulu)

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